2012 Drupalcon Denver Day 1 Retrospective

Some a random list of things we’ve learned at Drupalcon:

  • As always live demos can sometimes fail; regardless if you practice the night before
  • Mobile will eclipse and be larger than desktop devices
  • Panels will be integrated into core with the new intiative, Blocks and Layouts Everywhere
  • Web services will be more and more important as the demand for native mobile apps are needed
  • WSSCI is deprecated, part of it will be split up. The larger initiative of creating a communication layer, with the http foundation kernal
  • The CMI initiative will not likely be completed in the drupal 8 in core.
  • Drupal 7 approaching maturity as drupal 6 is near it’s end of it’s cycle
  • Android devices internationally will reach 50% market share by 2015