28 Reasons Why Duane Forrester Should Work for Globe Runner


As you may have heard, Duane Forrester, the former Senior Product Manager – Webmaster Outreach at Bing has been “reorganized” out of a job. Apparently Microsoft thought that there no longer needs to be a Bing webmaster liaison, which is really shame. It’s interesting to note, however, that Matt Cutts, Duane’s equivalent at Google, went on vacation a few months ago and has not come back yet. Is it the plan of Google and Bing to no longer offer up an official webmaster liaison?


Nonetheless, here at Globe Runner we would be honored to have Duane Forrester join our team. So, we came up with 28 reasons why Duane Forrester, former Sr. Product Manager – Webmaster Outreach at Bing.com, should accept our job offer, not necessarily in order of importance:

1. We know that Duane secretly loves Dallas, so much so that we think he even might dress up as a cowboy for Halloween this year.

Dallas skyline

2. Everything is Bing (I mean BIG) in Texas. Just like Duane’s big personality, he would fit in great here in Dallas.

3. Here at Globe Runner, we really just want Duane to join our team so he can give us the “secret sauce”, the blueprint of the Bing.com organic search algorithm. So, how about it, Duane?

4. The Globe Runner offices overlook Addison Airport here in North Dallas, full of private planes and personal jets. It would be really easy for him to “jet off anywhere” for the weekend.

5. Duane is already scheduled to deliver a Keynote address at the State of Search Conference here in Dallas in November. It would be really easy for him to come to Dallas and just stay, permanently.

6. There’s a lot of land here in Texas. We have awesome places to go four wheeling (off roading) and ride your motorcycle.

7. Texas Barbeque.

8. We just know Duane loves goats. Not only do we have Texas Longhorns, we also have goats.

9. AT&T is based here in Dallas. Mobile is the “next big thing” according to some of Duane’s past keynote addresses. We have connections at AT&T and can get Duane connected with “the next big thing”.

10. The Canadian Consulate has an office right here in Dallas in case Duane gets homesick: http://can-am.gc.ca/dallas/

11. We know Duane used to be the Promotions Supervisor at Casino Nova Scotia, in Canada. We have casinos only an hour away from Dallas, so if Duane wants to moonlight in promotions at a local casino, we wouldn’t have a problem with it.

12. We desperately need to monetize our blog. Since Duane wrote a book called “How To Make Money With Your Blog“, maybe he can give us some pointers?

13. Signing on the Search Personality of the Year would really, really help our agency become more well-known.

14. We would really love it if Duane would continue to travel throughout the world, speaking at conferences, promoting Globe Runner rather than Bing. Who uses Bing, anyway, right?

15. Duane looks great wearing a tiara (the official headgear for winning the Search Personality of the Year award). Duane would fit in really well here in Dallas. We have plenty of people walking the streets wearing Tiaras.

16. We have ice hockey here, even though it rarely snows or gets really cold. Duane could become a Dallas Stars fan.

17. If Duane accepts our offer of employment with Globe Runner, we’ll give him season tickets to the Dallas Stars.

18. We know that Duane loves to use GPS to discover restaurants and get around without getting lost. Well, if Duane moves to Dallas he’ll definitely need a GPS to get around. I’ve lived here 20 years and still need a GPS to get places.

19. Moving to Dallas, Duane certainly won’t miss the Search Marketing community. Dallas has the most Search Marketers per capita than any city in America (or any city in Canada, for that matter)!

20. Dallas has the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association, DFWSEM.org.

21. There are non-stop flights available from Dallas (DFW International Airport) up north, to most major cities in Canada.

22. We get snow. At least one day a year here in Dallas. We guarantee Duane won’t miss the snow.

23. Here in Dallas, it doesn’t rain that much. We also guarantee that Duane won’t miss the rain.

24. By joining Globe Runner, Duane will have an opportunity to work with his old friend Bill Hartzer.

25. Duane could help us perform high end SEO audits of our client websites, something that would be a new experience for him. Having Duane review our Search Engine Optimization audits and our methodology would be great for our clients.

26. We know that Duane loves to write, so he would be able to write as much as he wants and as often as he wants, right here on the Globe Runner blog.

27. Duane is a very social guy, and active on social media. He even has an Ello account! Duane does a great job of automating… er, “curating” content for his social accounts. We could help him step it up a notch, so to speak and become more popular.

28. We know that Duane’s always wanted to be an SEO Strategist. Well, here’s his chance!

While this is a list of reasons why Duane Forrester should join Globe Runner as a Senior SEO Strategist, this isn’t really an official offer of employment. If Duane would like to apply for a job here at Globe Runner, he can do so just like everyone else, by send in his resume. Ha!