5 Ways to Find Quality Content to Share on Google Plus

If you are fairly knew to the Google Plus social network, or if you have never really paid much attention to Google+ in the past but would now like to build up your account, then this post is for you. If you’ve claimed your Google Authorship and linked your blog or site, then the next step is to start building up your authority and your profile. You have to add your friends and get some followers, but what’s just as important is sharing content that your friends and followers like. So how do you do that? Here’s five ways to find quality content to share on Google Plus.

Last week I wrote about how Google Moved the What’s Hot Posts on Google Plus. Now, the What’s Hot posts can be found over on the Explore Tab, as shown below:

google plus explore tab

But that got me thinking: why am I so interested in the What’s Hot tab (or page) anyway? I had better tell people why I’m so anal about watching the What’s Hot page. You see, I’m interested in knowing, and fully understanding, what users on Google Plus are interested in seeing. I want to know what they’re sharing and +1ing. As a marketer, you should want to know and understand this, so your posts and, ultimately, the content pieces that you produce, have a better chance of getting +1d and shared. It’s really a pretty easy concept that we all must understand, as internet marketers:

Create and share content that people like and you’ll be a better marketer.

First, we need to understand what people like and what they’re sharing RIGHT NOW. Not what they liked last month or last year, but what they like right now. Watch the What’s Hot posts and you’ll see what people like. Then, you can also watch the trending hashtag, as well:

Google Plus Trending Topics

The trending topics (or trending hashtags) is another way to see what people are talking about right now on Google Plus. These hashtags will change often, or as often as people start or stop talking about them. Take a look at the hashtags, see if there’s anything that interests you.

You probably didn’t know it, but that’s actually two separate ways that you can find content to share on Google Plus. Look at the What’s Hot page and share content from there. Find content on the Trending hashtags that interest you. Remember, whenever you +1 or share something, make sure that you make a comment on it. Not only should you make a comment on the actual post that you’re making (on what your’e sharing) but why not go to the actual post that you’re sharing and making a comment.

Showing real human activity by commenting on posts is another good way to help build your Google+ profile and authority.

Search for hashtags. If you’re building up a profile for a particular person or a business page (some of us search marketers actually do this for our clients), then it’s important to keep the posts that you share and +1 on a certain topic whenever possible. So, searching for a hashtag and then finding popular posts to share is another way to find content to share, comment on, and +1. So, if I were a business in the Dallas Texas area, I might just search for the hashtag #dallas since I’m a local business and want to appeal to my Dallas clients, like this:

hashtag dallas

Note that when you search for a hashtag, Google will show you related hashtags. In fact, note these hashtags because right now the users on Google Plus who tagged posts with #dallas also tagged those posts with those hashtags. So there’s a good chance that if you were to post something or share something related, your friends and followers would like it. It’s all about finding stuff they like, so there’s a better chance that they’ll +1 it or share it, as well.

The fourth way to find content to share that your friends and followers on Google Plus will like is to start diving into Google Ripples. By looking at a post’s Google Ripples, you’ll see who shared the post and who made a post “go hot” so to speak. You’ll see a post’s “most influential sharers”. This is important, for two reasons:

– You will see who you should follow. If they’re influential and made a post “go hot” then you need to follow them and start socializing with them. Comment on their posts, and share their posts.

– You will see what those people share. Sharing content that influential people post is also a good way to share content that people like. How did they become influential on Google Plus? They shared good content.

How do you get to the Google Ripples of a post? Take a look at the following screen shot. Click on the little drop-down arrow next to the date on the post. Click on “View Ripples”.

how to view google ripples

Once you click on the “View Ripples” you’ll see the Google Ripples page for the post, similar to this:

google ripples example

If a post has enough public shares, it will have Google Ripples. You should take a look at who shared it, and start following them. Those are the influencers on Google Plus.

Finally, the fifth way I find content to share on Google Plus is from other social networks. Once you’ve exhausted your options for finding content to share on Google Plus, then why not take some of these techniques and apply them to other social networks? Facebook has a trending topics area, and, of course, there are trending topics (trending hashtags) on Twitter, as well. And you might also want to take a look at the trending topics or What’s hot according to Alexa, which is updated every five minutes.

Bill Hartzer is Globe Runner’s Senior SEO Strategist. Connect with him on Google+ or on Twitter as Bhartzer.