Ad Group Level Impression Share Data

Dialing it in a little tighter with new reporting in AdWords.

Ask and ye shall receive.  In this case, it’s in the form of a new development in the land of PPC and AdWords that has our team buzzed on a cold and wet Wednesday:  more reporting!

For any paid search manager, their idle dreams consist of more reporting, more data, more statistics to analyze, interpret, regurgitate and otherwise rule our days by.  In their never ending quest to make my job a little easier, Google has recently announced that in just 5 short days, we will have access to Impression Share data at the Ad Group level.  While we’ve had access at the campaign level for quite some time, the granularity of diving deeper is what drives paid search managers and tickles their collective fancies.   No longer will I drive the car from the back seat.  By allowing us to dial our impression share metrics in at the ad level, it allows our team to be even more efficient in our use of time, budget and new strategies, by focusing only on those ad groups where our share of available impressions remains low.  What it means for most of our clients, is the ability to maximize spend and allow us to be more targeted and creative with our use of available budget.  Anytime I can become more efficient in my use of time and resources, my clients benefit.  Google is even willing to back fill data all the way back to May 1st, 2011, providing an immediate wealth of knowledge we don’t normally see with a new feature rollout.  This is a huge development for paid search managers and ultimately for every one of their clients as well.

In the Ad Groups tab, advertisers will now be able to see:

  • Impression share: the percentage of impressions received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to get
  • Lost impression share (Rank): the percentage of impressions lost due to Ad Rank. If you were budget constrained — if your budget, rather than your bid price or quality score was keeping you from getting more impressions — this won’t be shown.
  • Exact match impression share: the share of impressions you received for searches that were an exact match for your keyword divided by the estimated number you were eligible to receive.


End result, the machine gets more efficient, maximizing a campaigns potential and ultimately keeping my clients happy.