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Inventive Tactics to Double your Email List

People are wary of email soliciting. Maybe it’s junk mail fatigue, maybe it’s genuine distrust, but on the extreme end, ask for an address and you may as well be requesting their social security number.

Social Media Changes You Need to Act on NOW

There’s no such thing as a static social media platform. Like most of the internet, social sites and the algorithms that power them are continuously being updated. Sometimes the changes are sweeping and make our lives easier. Other times they’re hardly noticeable at all, but can still have a huge impact on your social media marketing strategy.

Localized Social Marketing + SEO Post Google+ Shutdown

Logged on to your Google + page lately? If so you might have noticed something different – nothing at all. Though the shuttering of this once highly promising social media platform wasn’t a total surprise you might have been anticipating more time together – and you’re not alone.

Keyword Research that Works: The Q4 2019 Edition

Mom used to say, “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.” When it comes to effective keyword strategy, it’s both. Keywords have long been the building blocks of any solid SEO foundation, but the tactics that reliably drive organic traffic have changed considerably.

6 Ways to Wow your Boss with Little-Known Google Drive Tricks

We’ve come a long way since the days when one false stroke of the typewriter key would render a document unusable. Now we can access entire presentations from any device, translate them into a completely different language, and see the changes in real-time, all without ever worrying about hitting the save button.

Must Know Paid Search Stats and Terms

PPC could easily be rebranded to PTP – pay to play. That’s where online advertising is and has been heading for the past few years. But succeeding in this digital playing field is more than a roll of the dice. This is a game of strategy.