Streamline Your Social Media Engagement – Four Power User Tips

Social Media MarketingIn today’s world, your business is missing a huge opportunity if you’re not using social media. By creating unique and interesting content, and distributing it through social media accounts, you can establish yourself as a known authority in your given field. How to make the most of this opportunity? I’ve compiled four great tips, below. (A note: there are hundreds of social media sites. In this post, I use only the most popular sites as examples.)

1.) Syndicate Your Blog: It is important to get your content out there. One of the easiest ways to do this is to syndicate it through automated syndications linked with your Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and other social media accounts. You can easily connect your blog’s RSS feed with your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. This allows your blog content to be pumped out into your social networks.

2.) Link Your Accounts: Now that LinkedIn and Twitter have formed a partnership, connect your accounts. Facebook will also accept a feed from Twitter. By linking accounts, you can populate all of them with just one typed message, keeping your entire network informed on your activities.

3.) Automate Your Bookmarking Services: Social bookmarking is an important part of your total SEO, and it’s also a great way to let people in your networks know about sites you think are link-worthy. You can do this by using services like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and many more. Logging into these accounts and creating these bookmarks can be very time consuming, however. To automate these services, you might consider using a service like Only Wire. Though it takes a bit to set up, Only Wire will bookmark multiple social media accounts simultaneously, or share content over multiple social medial accounts—and it takes just one simple action on your part.

4.) Sync YouTube with Your Social Media Accounts: Today with phones, cameras, and other media technologies, you can quickly create content on YouTube. It’s then easy to embed that content onto your website, and syndicate content with your social media accounts, broadcasting it out through Twitter and Facebook. You can also create video content with your phone, and email it to YouTube, which then automatically syndicates it with your social media accounts.

Social media drives connections and customers to you, establishes you as an authority in your field, and boosts your search engine rankings.