Bing/Yahoo Organic Traffic Issues in Google Analytics

After seeing some weird patterns in Google Analytics such as unexpected increases in Direct Traffic and a dip in some Organic Traffic, I thought I would research to see if anybody else was witnessing the same thing. It turns out that because Bing and Yahoo have started to encrypt their organic searches like Google, they will no longer show as Organic Traffic in Google Analytics. What separates Bing and Yahoo from Google is the referrer data is stripped and the referral source is apparently lost many times.

I found an article that explains it a little better:

It means that in the near future when you log into whatever reporting software you use,you’ll see two things:
1) Your non-paid organic traffic has dropped because both Bing and Yahoo will no longer be counted
2) Your direct traffic has gone up.

Traffic Channels

As digital marketers, we should be cognizant of these changes and know how to properly interpret data for our clients. Now more than ever, we need to pay attention to all traffic channels and watch for dips, increases, wins, losses, and any other pattern.

Cody Sharp is the SEO Team Lead at Globe Runner.