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I was always taught that any relationship – professional, romantic, platonic, or otherwise – is built on the foundation of three things: honesty, trust, respect. They function as a pyramid of sorts, so take one leg out and the whole thing will collapse.

I think no matter the profession or goal, we’re always and forever forging and engaging in relationships. I take relationships with my clients very seriously and give myself wholly to their campaigns.


(2003-2006) Collin County Community College, Plano, Texas

General Studies:

 (2007-2010) University of  Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (graduated with highest honors while working full-time)


  • Music
  • Travel/Other cultures
  • Bacon
  • Dachshund puppies

About Amy

Amy Haley is a native Texan with an insatiable wanderlust.

She is a “professional sojourner” with eight years background in Public Relations and Marketing. Writing is not only an escape, but fuels and funds her passion to see the world. Her writing and copyediting work span multiple markets with special emphasis on blogging about her first love: music.

She is a 2010 graduate from the University of Texas at Austin where she studied people, essentially. The Summa Cum Laude honors she worked so hard for have had little barring on her professional life, yet she considers herself a life-long learner.

These days she has a passion for brand journalism and helping her clients tell the story behind the story to truly connect with their customers.


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