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My Life at GlobeRunner

Like the year of my birth, my life at Globe Runner is just getting started. Officially, my roles are to develop new business and manage existing clients and accounts. Unofficially, I think my role is to be one of the oldest guys in the office. Hopefully, my ability to channel a 12-year-old’s sense of humor can help balance that out.


Cox School of Business
Southern Methodist University
MBA, Marketing, 1999

Southern Methodist University
BA, Advertising, 1993

Kent School

Most Redeeming Quality:

I’m Greek.

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Watch me cheat Death on Strava by running, biking and swimming as much as possible.

About Chad

Chad was born at a very early age. His parents always had a goal for him to become a productive member of society. Instead, he went into advertising.

Chad spent his impressionable years working in his family’s grocery business, where he developed a strong work ethic and a passion for good customer service. And he convinced his parents that an insanely expensive education at one of the country’s finest boarding schools and private colleges would put the finishing touch on his development.

After a quick stint in the music business, and then receiving his MBA, Chad finally decided to apply his learned knowledge to the world of advertising. He discovered he had an affinity for developing strong relationships with his clients, while also helping them achieve their business objectives.

After eight years of slaving away at some very large, and very corporate, ad agencies in Dallas, Chad started Black Lab Creative with Eddie and Brett. They spent 10 years (that’s over 70 in dog years) working with some of the best clients and companies in Texas and beyond.

In 2017, Black Lab Creative joined forces with Globe Runner. Both companies recognized the incredible opportunity they were given to create a holistic approach that blends strategy and creative, online and offline, into a customized formulation of services that would deliver results for their clients.

After howevermanyyears Chad’s spent in the advertising world, he recognizes that there’s always an opportunity to learn more and do more, to become a better steward of your work and your world. And it didn’t take $500k in schooling to figure that out (but don’t tell his parents).

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