Christine York

Eric McGehearty

My Life at GlobeRunner

My position at Globe Runner allows me to complete projects remotely, which makes it different from any other job I’ve ever had. Whether I’m at home, my local library, or even a family member’s house, I’m able to do my own thing; I can work without having to worry about wearing a uniform, making a long commute to the office, or even having to stick to “regular” work hours. To put it simply, I get paid to research a wide variety of topics—some of which I’d never before given much thought to—and write about what I’ve learned. How cool is that?


2011 – 2014 University of North Texas
Bachelor of Arts in English, Concentration in Creative Writing


  • Fiction writing
  • Animals
  • Cartoons and the animation industry

About Christine

Christine is not a native Texan, but she did grow up in the DFW area and considers it her “home.” She has been writing and telling stories since early childhood, and both habits followed her through school, college, and adulthood. Fiction writing has always been her forte, but being a content writer for Globe Runner has given her a new appreciation for the art of creative non-fiction. When she is not writing for clients, Christine can usually be found piecing together a new short story, talking to her pets, and telling anyone who will listen about her favorite animated TV shows and movies. It is possible that she will have a different hair color every time you see her.


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