Gracie Fennessy

Eric McGehearty

My Life at GlobeRunner

Besides my strong faith, my passion is serving my clients in every task and area.  I have been a contributing and founding partner in multiple successful start-up ventures and enjoy applying my broad range of financial, technical, sales/client support skills to help those organization grow successfully.  It’s a privilege to be a part of such a successful and talented group of individuals who love their work.

About Gracie Fennessy

After a successful career in the office equipment business as Director of Administration for Danka and Eastman Kodak in the Nashville/DFW areas, I joined my husband to co-found Freedom Profit Recovery Inc., the first independent managed print provider in the document output industry.  Initially managing operations and finance I transitioned to SVP Client Relations to provide unmatched support to our largest clients.  Today I balance faith/church and family while working with growing companies like SEO Globe Runner who need proven expertise in building quality service delivery organizations.


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