Jason Hubsch

Jason Hubsch

Eric McGehearty

My Life at GlobeRunner

I enjoy being part of an amazing and collaborative team. Everyone here is such a valuable cog in the machine that is Globe Runner, and I love that we all interact with each other to see a project through from conception to client delivery. Our weekly Happy Hour meeting is often a fun mishmash of sharing what we’ve discovered with each other, all over bagels! I definitely like being here.


Full Sail University: Winter Park, Florida
Associate Degree in Digital Media (2005)


  • Gaming
  • Batman
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Grammar
  • Family
  • Faith
  • Exploring
  • Trying new restaurants

About Jason

Jason always had an interest in creative arts. His first book was published when he was in the third grade and in high school he produced and directed a news show on public access television featuring a cast of classmates. He also bought a personal camcorder and he would record skits and other various activities of he and his friends. It was around this time that an interest in web development began, as he built a website to showcase these efforts, which led to an inquisitive mind on just how the web works.

Jason moved to Florida after high school, where he turned his hobby of making websites into a professional degree at Full Sail University. Some time thereafter, he reconnected with his elementary-school sweetheart back in Massachusetts and they were married just seven short years later. Finally returning to the South in 2014, Jason and his wife moved to Texas, where they now live with their beautiful daughter.

Jason is a night owl that loves to relax by playing video games, whether it’s old school Super Nintendo or cutting-edge PlayStation VR. He also enjoys exploring the outdoors, trying new restaurants, and hopes to one day travel the world.


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