Blogging Your Brand: All dressed up and no one to comment?

You’re committed to the success of your company’s blog, so you write and write and write; you’re churning out blog posts several times a month, maybe even a few times a week, and you feel great about the content you’re putting out there… but then nothing happens. No trackbacks. No comments. What’s the deal?

Well, what are you offering your readers? What’s in it for them? Is it real, solid information? News they can use? Or has your blog become just another advertising platform and every post is a 250-word commercial your readers just tune out? Your readers visit your blog because they trust you as an authority, but they keep coming back because of good information, not sales pitches. Coming up with good content is a challenge, sure, but if you’ve resorted to hawking products over helping people, it might be time to re-examine your blog.

You need to give people a reason to read one more thing on top of everything else they have going on in their lives. Providing your clients and readers with a little taste of your expertise on a regular basis builds trust in your brand and establishes thought leadership. You want to be an innovator? Throw all your big ideas on your blog. Give your (well-researched) opinion on current events and new developments in your field. Don’t be afraid to get a little controversial. People love big ideas, and they love to talk about what excites them. Give people a reason to spread the word about you, and they will.