Eric McGehearty

Buzz Custom Fence is a company that specializes in providing high-quality fencing and gating as well as fully customized patio solutions for property owners.

As part of their solutions, Buzz also supplies homeowners with access control in the form of telephone dialing systems, automatic gates and security fencing.


Since Google’s Pigeon update, search results for localized searches and services have gone hyper-local benefiting small businesses by neighborhood and city. However, for large service oriented business like Buzz Custom Fence, that had the capability and resources to service areas far beyond their main office location, this proved to be a big challenge. To be visible in Dallas search results, now required an office in Dallas. The Dallas Fort-Worth Metro is comprised of multiple cities, with Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington being the largest in population. Buzz’s single showroom in Fort Worth meant they ranked well in Fort Worth but were non-existent in the other major areas they served.

Their goals in partnering with Globe Runner were to expand organic rankings outside of Fort Worth to the surrounding cities in North Texas. They were also looking for guidance on paid advertising opportunities as they had current Adwords campaigns through a bulk management agency and subscriptions with sites like Yellow Pages and Angie’s List but weren’t sure how much those campaigns and subscriptions benefited them.


The strategy Globe Runner laid out came in phases. The first phase was to update Buzz Custom Fence’s website to a more manageable CMS as the current site was hard coded in HTML and could not be updated or customized easily. On the new site, we also ensure form submissions were tracked so Buzz would know how many leads the website was generating each month from which sources. Based on Globe Runner recommendations, a new Quote form with stronger call to actions was added to the website to supplement the general Contat Us form and phone tracking was also added to improve tracking and reporting accuracy.

Once the new website had been launched, we did an extensive Local SEO audit which revealed many citation management issues including duplicate phone numbers, inconsistent and multiple business names. The result was a fractured and small online brand presence.

Along with implementing goal tracking on the new website and eventually phone calls to better track their current paid subscription services, Globe Runner built out an entirely new Adwords account from the ground up, as we were not granted access from the previous agency managing their account.

On the organic side, we created an in-depth and multi-phase strategy to address the local issues and build up their presence online. The strategy included creating service pages for our various cities served, filled with unique content. Part of the unique content came from reputation management software which allowed Buzz Custom Fence to easily request reviews and have those reviews automatically posted to their service area specific pages. We worked with the many sales reps, to claim service locations in Google and other online directories to build links to their individual service area pages up and eventually get them ranking in their designated cities.

On the paid side, we made sure to track and report back on all the various paid subscription sites that came and went so Buzz could make sure their ad dollars were being well spent. We also optimized the newly built campaigns and created specific location targeting, budgets and bid adjustments based on the seasonality of their business.



As everyone knows, organic results do not happen over night so while 2015 over 2014 saw some good solid growth, the really impressive results started kicking in around 18 months and has lead to 2016 being Buzz Custom Fence’s best year yet. Here are some of the improvements the company saw in their organic presence since partnering with Globe Runner:

15.57% increase in organic traffic for 2015 over 2014

60.37% increase in organic traffic YTD for 2016 over 2015

As stated previously, Globe Runner also made recommendations for a Quote form to be added to the site with strong call to actions. This was implemented in May of 2015 and through conversion optimization and ongoing A/B testing, the conversion rate for the website has seen big improvements as well.

79.75% increase in organic quote forms from May – September 2015 vs May – September 2016

Through proper site optimization along with quality targeted content and link building, Globe Runner was able to drive better converting, more relevant traffic to the website from cities across DFW which lead to the huge increase in leads.


On the paid side of things, results were just as impressive. Upon building and launching their Adwords account the initial results were promising. No stone was left unturned and we tested groups for all of Buzz Custom Fence’s various services targeting the Fort Worth area. Through initial optimizations we were seeing good click-through-rates ranging from 2-3% but our cost-per-click was running pretty high, costing over $7.00. Within the first 6 months of the campaigns running, we were able to bring the average cost-per-click down by 26%.

After initial clean up for poorly performing keywords, we began optimizing landing pages and ads to build better quality scores. Since the client was comfortable with the performance and improvements they’d seen up to that point, we also recommended that they let us build a separate campaign with more city specific keywords spanning many of the major cities in the DFW area and allocate additional budget so we could expand the targeting of the campaigns. With their approval we proceeded with the new campaign build out and also worked with them to establish different location targeting, bid adjustments and overall budgets based on their business’ seasonality. With the continuous improvements and adjustments, their campaigns have continued to drive even better results over time. Year to date in 2016, they have seen the following growth:

100.39% increase in click-through-rates

26.06% improvement in cost-per-clicks

171.6% increase in form conversions


The results reported in this case study were through September 30th, 2016 and fully expect the growth to continue for Buzz Custom Fence. While Globe Runner conducted the research and laid out the strategy for success, our efforts would have been less successful were it not for the continued dedication and involvement of the Buzz Custom Fence team. Their commitment to taking full advantage of all recommendations and seeing things through to completion, particularly when it comes to the massive amounts of local updates that were needed for their business, has allowed their business to reap the full benefits of the strategy and ongoing guidance provided by Globe Runner.