Eric McGehearty

Old World Stoneworks produces high-quality cast stone mantels and range hoods with traditional style and timeless appeal.

Globe Runner began working with Old World Stoneworks in May 2014 and started the relationship by helping OWS transition from being a print-based company into a company that utilized digital marketing for its advertising.


The first challenge was the un-optimized website Globe Runner had to work on. Their website platform was very un-flexible and limited in the amount of customization options. That on top of the fact that bulk edits were nearly impossible on a site that had 60+ products and hundreds of photos meant we had our work cut out for us when it came to up-front and ongoing optimizations for the website.

Their site also had multiple quote forms for their different product lines that were bulky and could be considered overwhelming for some users. Our plan was to optimize all the pages on the site as well as find a better way to make requesting a quote as easy as possible for users.

The second challenge was Old World Stoneworks paid search campaigns on Adwords. While they had been running for just under a year, the campaigns were not being tracked properly so the client had no way of knowing what a lead was costing them, much less if the campaigns were even profitable.


Globe Runner created new product descriptions for each product as well as optimized product titles and product images page by page. Along with these ongoing updates, we also ensured that new quality content was being added to the site through their blog, built up their social profiles and were constantly on the look out for highly relevant link opportunities for their website.

On the paid side, we did a complete account overhaul and restructured their existing campaigns. Through some key insights and ongoing optimization, we were able to make a big impact on the account profitability.

In 2016, Globe Runner launched a new ecommerce site for the client, a significant development effort that has yielded great results for lead generation to this point.


Organic Results

Our most significant results for organic came in 2015, when Globe Runner puts its full focus on revamping the client’s strategy, and we were able to show the value in our approach. Compared to the previous year, 2015 saw:

• 36.02% increase in organic search

Improvements to organic results were slow and steady this last year, but the real success came from an emphasis on paid campaigns.

Paid Results

Globe Runner focused on what it identified as the most important platforms: namely, AdWords, Facebook and Bing. We began call tracking on October 2015, which in turn helped with our cost per conversion. In fact, through Bing, Old World Stoneworks received their first online order (a significant achievement for a company that deals in high-quality stone).

Comparing 2016 to 2015, our AdWords campaign became much more efficient:

• 21.94% decrease in cost per click for AdWords campaigns

Conversions increased dramatically, as evidenced by the following graph (where green represents 2016 and light blue represents 2015).


Another avenue that proved successful for Old World Stoneworks was the implementation and optimization of Facebook Ad campaigns.

Globe Runner began running Facebook Ad campaigns in 2015 and has continued to refine them since. In the following graph, the sizable increase in 2016 conversions (yellow) can be seen compared to 2015 (green) and even pre-Globe Runner in 2014 (light blue).



The results reported in this case study were through December 13th, 2016. We fully expect growth to continue for Old World Stoneworks. While Globe Runner conducted the research and laid out the strategy for success, our efforts would have been less successful were it not for the continued dedication and involvement of the Old World Stoneworks team. Their commitment to taking full advantage of all recommendations and seeing things through to completion, has allowed their business to reap the full benefits of the strategy and ongoing guidance provided by Globe Runner.