Eric McGehearty

Rack Express is a special case for Globe Runner because their success story represents how a relatively minor change in content can lead to a broad scale shift in results (in this case, a positive result).

Rack Express signed on with Globe Runner with the intent to improve the number of leads they generated through the quotation form on their website.


Globe Runner, with a little bit of creativity and a good deal of insight, simply changed the phrase “get a quote” on the client’s homepage to “build a quote” which then led to a 34% increase in the conversion rate.

A one-word change packed a big punch for Rack Express, evidence that testing, fiddling and restructuring are essential processes in digital marketing.

With the addition of other changes to callouts on the homepage, that positive trend has continued to the present, as pictured in the following graph.


The takeaway here is simple. Since each of our – numerous – client success stories start with a unique problem, they need a unique solution to get ahead. For web conversions, it’s clear that words work. Be it A/B testing inside the agency walls, or improvements to your in-house content marketing, sometimes you have to shake things up to get your target audience’s attention.

While you may not need a complete overhaul of your website’s language, a few fresh turns of phrase or even a strategic word change in your CTA can send your conversion rates soaring. Even a twenty-point jump like the example above can translate to huge sales and increased revenue. Variation testing websites like VWO (see graphs above) provides the data you need to track your progress and drill down to see where your content strategy is succeeding and where it could still use some tweaks.