Introducing a New Google Plus Quality Metric: Views Per Follower VPF

Google Plus recently introduced a new public metric on user profiles where they show the total number of post views the user has generated. This, in itself, is an interesting metric, because it shows how active each user is on Google Plus, and how many people have actually viewed posts they have made. But I have decided to take this number one step further, and introduce a brand new quality metric: Views Per Follower (VPF).

5 Ways to Find Quality Content to Share on Google Plus

If you are fairly knew to the Google Plus social network, or if you have never really paid much attention to Google+ in the past but would now like to build up your account, then this post is for you. If you’ve claimed your Google Authorship and linked your blog or site, then the next step is to start building up your authority and your profile. You have to add your friends and get some followers, but what’s just as …

What’s Hot on Google+ Removed, Replaced with Explore Tab

Google Plus continues to make changes to their interface by making feature changes and moving content and options around. I am not surprised, as Google is constantly tweaking their search results pages for a better user experience. So why shouldn’t they do this with Google Plus?

Now You Can Share and Schedule Content on Klout

Klout, the site that measures your social media influence, now allows you to share content directly from their site. After you’ve connected your site with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and a host of other social media sites, you can use Klout to share content on Klout and on those other connected accounts.

Well Played: Lilly Pulitzer’s Facebook Fan Stampede

Popular amongst women of all ages, Lilly Pulitzer has been a long-standing symbol of fun, feminine fashion including their hallmark product- the brightly colored shift. One particular consumer segment received a big gift from the Lilly Pulitzer brand when the company developed a line of bags and accessories in custom-designed sorority prints. Originally the prints were for four national sororities- Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Delta Delta Delta.

May 2011 Facebook Platform Updates

If you’re trying to develop a Facebook application. Recently, Facebook has provided a new feature for developers: The ability to create test users.

Pakistani Citizen Becomes Accidental Journalist

An IT Consultant in Pakistan tweeting about loud noises and a random helicopter unwittingly provided live coverage of the raid US Navy SEALs led on Osama Bin Laden’s that ended in Bin Laden’s death.

Creating Buzz with Social Media

Eric interviews Jeremy M. Meyer Globe Runner SEO’s Director of Social Media about creating buzz.using Facebook and other Social Media platforms.