Making the Leap to Lifestyle Brand

Don’t take it personally. Most brands are having trouble increasing engagement with their pop-ups and online ads. That is, everyone except Lifestyle Brands. Some have even proven they can forego them all together, continue attracting repeat buyers, and circumvent the 83% of consumers who say they would block all ads if they could.

Talking Testimonials: Why they’re Important and How to Get Them

Testimonials are like a 24-hour online marketing team who’s always working, but you never have to pay. Still, many small businesses make the costly error of leaving them off their website, not realizing the power of peer praise. How effective are they? According to Nielsen research, “92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.” Could customer testimonials be the key to increasing your conversion …

5 Steps to Help Create a Brand Voice Clients can Truly Hear

Say you were to select a new friend simply based on their voice alone. More than the words they said, you’d be looking for someone who sounded approachable and relatable, right? The same is true of business’ brand voice. It’s less about specific words and turns of phrase you use than the tone with which you use to communicate and connect with your audience.

A Voyage in Brand Rediscovery

Say you wanted to travel from New York to Dallas. You wouldn’t hop a plane that didn’t specify a destination in hopes you’d eventually end up in DFW. You’d take considerable effort to ensure you got home as efficiently as possible.

Brand Rediscovery

Communicating and marketing your brand starts with knowing exactly who you are and what you represent. That is the very essence of the brand rediscovery. This is a process that allows you to stop for a moment, and reassess everything you are doing from a business standpoint. Then, with a refreshed look at your business, you can begin creating and recreating content that will allow customers and potential customers a look into the inner workings and culture of your company.

The Brand Pyramid

The brand pyramid. This is a great way to think about what your company does and what your company represents. There’s the day-to-day activities at the bottom of the pyramid. These are the core activities of any business. At the very top is the peak experience, or the essence of the brand pyramid. Once you get to the top of a brand pyramid, you get to the distinguishing factors. The value adds. These would include having the best or fastest …