5 Steps to Help Create a Brand Voice Clients can Truly Hear

Say you were to select a new friend simply based on their voice alone. More than the words they said, you’d be looking for someone who sounded approachable and relatable, right? The same is true of business’ brand voice. It’s less about specific words and turns of phrase you use than the tone with which you use to communicate and connect with your audience.

A Voyage in Brand Rediscovery

Say you wanted to travel from New York to Dallas. You wouldn’t hop a plane that didn’t specify a destination in hopes you’d eventually end up in DFW. You’d take considerable effort to ensure you got home as efficiently as possible.

Brand Rediscovery

Communicating and marketing your brand starts with knowing exactly who you are and what you represent. That is the very essence of the brand rediscovery. This is a process that allows you to stop for a moment, and reassess everything you are doing from a business standpoint. Then, with a refreshed look at your business, you can begin creating and recreating content that will allow customers and potential customers a look into the inner workings and culture of your company.

The Brand Pyramid

The brand pyramid. This is a great way to think about what your company does and what your company represents. There’s the day-to-day activities at the bottom of the pyramid. These are the core activities of any business. At the very top is the peak experience, or the essence of the brand pyramid. Once you get to the top of a brand pyramid, you get to the distinguishing factors. The value adds. These would include having the best or fastest …

5 Ways to Re-fuel Your Brand and Rocket to The Top

Everyone, from fortune 1000 companies like Apple and McDonald’s all the way up to companies in industries like high fructose corn syrup, finds it necessary to revamp from time to time. Even creative agencies like Globe Runner, who recently went through a repositioning of its brand, know when it’s time to make a perceptible shift.

Amazon’s Purchase Of Whole Foods

So this one blew me away. Amazon just bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. There may have been hints that we could have seen something like this happening. In a previous blog, I talked about the Amazon Go Store in Seattle where you can go grab your food item, like a sandwich or an apple, and walk right out of the store and they will charge your Amazon Prime account. So my real shock might have just been in the …


Let’s talk about User experience, or UX. So why is it so important? I think it’s pretty obvious that we want the website to appeal to our viewer, but that’s not to say we want a beautiful website. Yes, we want an attractive website, but I want a website that actually functions, that has a functional user face that’s easy for consumers.

Branding: Globe Runner updates brand mark, corporate identity

IN a nod to the times and surging demand for SEO services, Globe Runner unveiled its new logo, part of a branding and corporate identity refreshing exercise that started in May 2014. The new brand was produced by upcoming Texan design shop Steadfast Creative. The rebranding was prompted by unprecedented demand for strategic SEO services, particularly in the booming DFW market. Globe Runner is poised to meet its 2014 revenue targets by the third quarter of the year. The bump in …