Create a Positive User Experience

Let’s talk about User experience, or UX. So why is it so important? I think it’s pretty obvious that we want the website to appeal to our viewer, but that’s not to say we want a beautiful website. Yes, we want an attractive website, but I want a website that actually functions, that has a functional user face that’s easy for consumers.

VIDEO: Thought Leadership, Not Just Content Marketing

Hi, this is Eric, CEO of Globe Runner. I want to talk to you today about content marketing – but I’d really like to change the way we talk about content marketing. I have a lot of customers that come in and say ‘shouldn’t I be blogging and doing stuff on social media?’ And the answer is yes, you probably should. But how you do that is important. So, let’s use a different word. Instead of content marketing, let’s call …

“Who Run the World? Girls!”

Alright, we don’t quite run it. In fact, despite tangible progress, we arguably have a long way to go before we’ll truly have our equal share. In an online Forbes article on Jill Abramson, the former first female Executive Editor of the New York Times, whose dismissal in May of this year sparked much debate on the treatment and standards set for women in executive positions, Abramson said, “Where are all the girls?” It’s an ongoing issue in business, “raised …

5 Aspects Of Successful Web Development Projects

Building a new website can be a complicated process, requiring a lot of decisions based on a technical and creative process that many know very little about. While getting the web to shine light to billions of people across the planet in exactly the way that promotes your brand, platform, and business sounds daunting and overwhelming… it isn’t if you are doing it right. There is a certain energy to the teams that build successful web sites and applications, and …

What is Digital Retailing? Part One: Organization

Somebody who works in the E-commerce industry recently told me they have trouble explaining Digital Retailing to others. Because it’s still a fairly new concept to consumption, I, too, used to have trouble explaining Digital Retailing to others. Of course, when somebody hears the phrase Digital Retailing, they think online sales, and that’s pretty accurate. However, I’d like to speak about Digital Retailing at a higher level, as though I had to explain strategies to the Shark Tank.

What is SEO?

In a world where we are so often identified by what we do as who we are, being in SEO doesn’t always help people draw the most accurate picture of what I do or who I am. So in an effort to provide a frame of reference for our own clients, as well as potential clients, I wanted to take a minute and lay out the basic framework of SEO.

Is Social Media The Key To Good Customer Support?

A couple of months ago, I had a couple of trees in my yard that needed to be trimmed.  I did a quick Google search to find a local arborist and gave him a call. After a quick chat to schedule and discuss some specific instructions, they came to do the work. However, they didn’t follow my instructions or complete the job as we agreed. I called them, but the company didn’t answer. So, I did what more and more …

Groundswell Book Review

Eric, discusses the social media inspired book Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research. Impressed by the amount of factual content and case studies in this book, this is Eric’s favorite read of 2010. Containing case studies on Proctor & Gamble and Best Buy, Groundswell shows us just how important social media is to your business.