How Small Businesses Can Create Big Time Video Content

No matter how shoestring your marketing budget, you can’t afford to not invest in video marketing. Videos are highly shareable pieces of content that capture customers and encourage them to engage with your brand. In fact, marketers frequently report higher conversion rates and increased CTRs when video is used for email and social media marketing purposes.

Who’ll Run the World? Visuals.

In online spaces, visuals are king. It’s a show not tell world where consumers are all but eschewing words in favor of graphics. Be it videos, photos or emojis, the demand is clear. When communicating marketing messages, best to use visual stories with limited text, if not in lieu it entirely.

Pictures Are Taking Over The World

Pictures are taking over the world. Literally. Instagram is the single fastest growing social network in the world today. Why? It’s because pictures and visual media drives emotion. What started out as a photo sharing app has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and view media in this digital age.

B2B Vs B2C: Link Earning and Content Marketing

We have customers that are B2B, and we also customers that are B2C. I think it’s interesting to dive into some of the differences in the way that we approach their marketing and some of the similarities between the two arts. Today, I want to focus in on content marketing and link building for a B2B company versus a B2C company. On the B2B side, some tactics that have been very successful are influencer outreach and guest posting in industry …

Creating An Effective Content Calendar

The content calendar. I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. The content calendar really is your guiding ship. It’s your light post that you are heading towards from a content strategy point of view. How to make it effective is key, so there are some things I’ll point out. First off, think about the year in advance. Come up with all the major holidays and all the different things that you want to mention about those days in your …

Our Best Blog Posts of 2015

Here we are, winding down the end of the year 2015. I decided to take a look back at Globe Runner’s 2015 blog posts, and see which blog posts got the most traffic during 2015. Which blog posts have received the most page views? Let’s take a look at how we did.