Email Marketing and Conversion Optimization

We caught up with Email marketing expert and Conversion Scientist Brian Massey at last night’s DFW SEM meeting- always a treat, we love Brian. Check it out! Transcript Eric: Hi, it’s Eric from Globe Runner SEO, and tonight we’re at DFW SEM. We love coming to these events because of the great speakers that they bring, and to tonight I’m talking with Brian Massey, the conversion scientist, one of the smartest guys I know. Brian and I have actually known …

Eric Interviews Cory Webb, Joomla Developer

Transcription Eric: Hi, It’s Eric McGehearty with Globe Runner SEO, and I’m here today with Cory. Cory owns Cory Webb Media, and he’s a Joomla specialist, and today I’m asking him to tell me about how Joomla works with social media platforms- you’ve got some cool tools you were just mentioning, tell me a little bit about that Cory. Cory: absolutely, there’s a lot of tools available for Joomla for interacting with all social networks, particularly there’s facebook connect plugins …

Interview: Tom Ingram, Technology Agnostic

Eric interviews Tom Ingram, an IT service consultant and self proclaimed “technology agnostic”. Tom talks about his attitude toward technology as a means to an end and how he develops tailored IT solutions for his clients . Learn more about Tom Ingram and Associates, Inc. at

Online Radio Reaches Wider Audiences

Eric interviews Shiraz from FunAsia, they are talking about the reach of online radio vs. traditional  radio.  FunAsia is a radio station in the Dallas Fort Worth area that has both FM and AM stations, and it’s also online.  According to Shiraz the reach online is much greater than the traditional venues.

Internet Marketing for Nonprofit

Eric interviews Peter Sorenson of Ginkgo Enterprises a Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting firm at the Media Mastermind Seminar in Dallas. Eric and Peter talk about the importance of an online presence for businesses and nonprofits. Peter uses help International as a case study.