Influencer Marketing

What’s the value of a social media post? Well, sometimes, it’s the equity and standing that a blogger, vlogger, or community member has in a niche group. Influencer marketing is one of our favorite ways to market here at Globe Runner and it is almost always a sure fire hit. Communities, groups, and niche markets have so much to say and tapping into the conversation by communicating with influential people is a great way to learn about your potential customers.

Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Behavior

Let’s get to one of my favorite subjects; artificial intelligence. I love this because I’m such a super tech nerd that I think AI is the coolest thing to talk about. It’s here. It’s real. We really have AI now. Now, I don’t know if it thinks and feels like we do, but I’ll tell you what it will do. It will start acting as a lot of customer service behaviors will be taken over by AI. Nowadays, you can …


Have any of the below happened to you? You or your business have scathing reviews on sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor Your business or product are the recipients of fake Amazon, Facebook or Google reviews When someone searches your name, all the links that come up on page 1 are from negative articles These are just three instances where online reputation management (ORM) comes into play. You can think of ORM as a specialist subset of SEO that deals with …

Managing Your Online Reputation

Online reputation is an important aspect for not only large enterprises, but small businesses as well, and it’s an area that’s often neglected. So the question is, how can you improve your online reputation, or even establish one if you don’t already have it?

Video: A/B Testing

I want to talk to you today about A/B Testing and always keeping your website up-to-date. So, when we look at web design, I have a lot of clients that, in the past, have not really messed with their website much for maybe a few years. They have it designed, they spent a lot of money with an agency, and then leave it alone for two, three, or maybe more, maybe 5, 6 years, and they really don’t significantly change …

Video: Local Hotshot

The launch of Local Hotshot: We’ve officially launched this product called Local Hotshot, which is a set of products that all serve the small business community.

13 Must-have Marketing Tools

  At Globe Runner, we’re constantly presented with marketing tools to review and hopefully adopt. As we soon discovered, there  are hundreds of marketing tools for every conceivable purpose but only a select few are the ones that we just can’t live without. Following are the marketing tools that Globe Runner has perpetually open on browser tabs: