Preparing for 2016: Digital Strategy in the New Year

It may not seem like it, but 2016 is right around the corner, and with a new year comes a whole new batch of digital considerations. Traditional advertising continues to morph into the digital realm with social media juggernauts at the reins.

Tag Management 101: Make Your Posts Shine

Finishing your blogpost or article is a feat deserving of a night out or that pumpkin spice latte you’ve been craving. But before you finish, you realize you have to tag the post to high heavens and back; how do you determine which tags to choose and are the tags becoming overwhelming? The simple practice of cleaning and managing your tags can keep you sane and help organize your blog and posts to best maximize your SEO. What is Tag …

Email Segmentation: A Quick Guide

Delivery is the foundation of good story-telling. Any comedian will tell you that if you deliver a bad joke the right way, you can make it funny. The same goes for email marketing. How you currently break up and deliver your email communications and segment your audience based on what they do (in addition to what they say) is what determines its efficacy. Segmentation Based on Action You may already be segmenting your emails based on groups i.e. business groups, …

3 Quick Tips to Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy

by Samantha Arigapudi Digital marketing has become the norm, replacing the term marketing altogether. As an evolved form of traditional marketing, digital marketing uses the web and digital channels to connect consumers with brands and brands with partners to help each other grow in this dynamic digital age. Digital touch points such as tablets, smartphones and wearable devices are becoming more ubiquitous around the world.

Push Your Digital Marketing with Push Notifications

by Samantha Arigapudi A cheap way to spice up your digital marketing efforts is by pushing your way into people’s phones. Push notifications get you front and center of a valuable space — the mobile phone in the hands of your target audience.

5 Tips for Digital Marketing Success

The key to digital marketing success is to deliver a rewarding customer experience that equates to brand and profit growth for your company. Fuel your digital marketing with these 5 tips:

5 Myths of B2C Marketing

Business and sales are influenced by customer opinions, trust, awareness and perceptions which makes implementing B2C strategies into your marketing plan an important component. This is why we have outlined 5 common myths of B2C marketing so you can build a strong plan of action to get customers on your side and build brand ambassadors to do the dirty work for you.

5 Myths of B2B Marketing

5 Myths of B2B Marketing B2C marketing is trendy. There’s a glut of information available about how a business can reach out to individual customers. There is relatively little information available regarding B2B marketing. Because of this lack of information, it’s important to take a discerning look at B2B on its own instead of lumping it in with B2C. Let’s take a look at 5 common myths of B2B marketing to elucidate some key differences and challenges of B2B marketing.