What Are Your Services? Google and Customers Want to Know

It’s a simple question but is often left unanswered on a website’s FAQ page, services page and in Google. One of the first items we look for in a local search optimization audit is a menu of services. It helps define your competition, keyword targets, categories in Google and your secret sauce.

Google Tag Manager for Beginners

Whether you’re an SEO specialist or digital marketing manager, you know that online campaigns are measured by one thing: results. But without sufficient data, you’re essentially running them blind. Google Analytics illuminates some key insights. Still, it alone can leave businesses with blind spots. Tagging in some help from Google Tag Manager (GTM) broadens your view, giving you a fuller picture of how users are interacting with your site.

How Small Businesses Can Win In SEO

Can a small business compete with a large conglomerate? I was at a conference recently and I heard an answer from a speaker that I absolutely hated. The answer was “Stay hyper local and try to win your battles accordingly.” I just don’t accept that. What if you want business from a slightly larger audience? Here’s the trick. Go deeper than any of your larger competitors would ever dare to do. Let’s look at the travel industry, for example. Big …