404 Errors Won’t Cause a Google Penalty

In an interesting conversation on Twitter, Google’s Gary Illyes has confirmed that 404 errors will not lead to Google penalties for your website. 404 errors occur when a web page has been removed from your website or does not exist. Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable explained that there is a rumor out there that “having a site with some 404ed pages will lead to a Google Penalty.”. Google has now confirmed this.

The Three Most Important Citations for a Consistent Online Brand

Dun & Bradstreet, Assumed Names & Secretary of State Records But First, Are Citations Still Important for Search Rankings? In regards to Local search engine optimization, citations are mentions of a business name, address and phone on an authoritative site, and they still play a role in rankings online. Search engines like Google use this data to understand where your business is located and what it is called.

How is Browser Data Affecting Search Results?

Have you found yourself meandering around the internet mindlessly shopping for your next pair of shoes or a bike rack for your next excursion, only to be reminded of it in side banners on every page you visit? Google, the number one authority on all things search engine, seems to have an Achilles heel and as it is for every doting parent, it’s their child. Google seems to be leaning heavily on its own creation, Chrome, and the data it …

Before Buying a Domain Name, Perform Due Diligence Or Risk It All

Before you purchase a domain name, even a premium domain name, you absolutely must perform the proper due diligence. Or, you could potentially risk it all, and find out the hard way: your site could get banned in Google for pure spam. This is what happened recently to Michael Krigsman and ZDNet when they moved CXO Talk on a new domain name, CXOTalk.com.

How to Claim Your Dun & Bradstreet Local Listing for Free

Dun & Bradstreet is an authoritative source for local citations and local listings across the web, as many different sources on the pull their data from Dun & Bradstreet. The Dun & Bradstreet site pulls data from State departments (like the State of Texas Secretary of State filings and DBA (Doing Business As) records. I’ve even seen them pull data from domain name whois records, as well, and list businesses that don’t actually exist. That said, there are often inaccuracies …

HTTPS Secure Websites Help Trust and Search Engine Rankings

Back in 2013, Google quietly moved to secure search, passing less keyword referral data to website owners. Now, Google is officially recommending that website owners move their websites from http to https, making their websites secure. If Google can trust your site more, know that it is secure and you’re the one who posted content on it, then your site could rank higher. Google is “starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.”

How to Begin a Local SEO Campaign in 3 Easy Phases

The Necessary Steps to Achieve Rankings Quickly Starting a local SEO campaign could not be a more exciting, yet important time. Whether you are conducting a campaign for a client or going to take on the effort yourself, there can be an overwhelming number of steps and ‘hidden tips’. Read on, as all is revealed in this guide toward getting ranked quickly in the local pack and generating traffic.

Proof Google Doesn’t Care About NoFollow Links

I have known for a while now that Google doesn’t care too much about the nofollow attribute that’s added to links. I won’t go into statements from Matt Cutts about nofollow links, since he’s currently on vacation and not here to defend himself. But, nonetheless, let’s look at some recent proof that you can rank really well in Google organic search with nofollow links from Twitter.

Filed a Google Disavow? Those Links are Still in Google Webmaster Tools

A while back, Google gave website owners an advanced link tool called the Disavow Links Tool. It allows us to tell the search engine which links to ignore when they calculate the links to our website. Bing.com has a similar tool, as well, and was actually the first to make the tool available to website owners.