Position Zero

Everybody wants to have the first position in Google search, right? Not necessarily.

Echo Look

Amazon’s new, Echo Look is just another example of the company’s push into the hardware space. Their virtual assistant Alexa was a smash hit, and Amazon continues to innovate with their unique product development.

Longer Meta Descriptions

Unsurprisingly, Google has released a new search engine update. This time it centers around the length of your meta descriptions.

Alexa Skills Kit

Does your brand have a voice search strategy? With the rise of platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, voice search has never been more important.

Live Chat

Should your website have live chat on it? There are many pros to having this feature enabled. So many transactions can be made or broken by being responsive and swift to help your customers with any questions or comments they may have.

QR Codes and Snapchat

Are QR codes making a comeback? Well, yes and no. Since its inception, Snapcodes have been used heavily by Snapchat. While somewhat fringe at first, big brands are now taking advantage of this feature for promotions. Pepsi might be the biggest, most notable brand to run a Snapcode strategy. Would it be appropriate for your brand to run a similar promotion?

Shoppable Images

In today’s social media world, reducing friction and sharpening the user experience online is of the utmost importance. Instagram may have completely changed the e-commerce world with its introduction of shoppable images and posts.

Pinterest Ads

Are you currently advertising on Pinterest? If your target demographic is there, it may be an avenue to look into. Pinterest is constantly updating its advertising dashboards to be more friendly for advertising, and there’s never been more precise advertising on the platform.

Facebook Beacons

Does your company have a Facebook account? If so, you should seriously consider ordering a Facebook beacon. These beacons allow you to seamlessly integrate with customers that enter your retail establishment. Beacons allow a level of connectivity that is unparalleled.

Voice Search

Siri. Alexa. Cortana. Voice search is not only the future of search, it’s the present, too.