Pinterest Ads

Are you currently advertising on Pinterest? If your target demographic is there, it may be an avenue to look into. Pinterest is constantly updating its advertising dashboards to be more friendly for advertising, and there’s never been more precise advertising on the platform.

Facebook Beacons

Does your company have a Facebook account? If so, you should seriously consider ordering a Facebook beacon. These beacons allow you to seamlessly integrate with customers that enter your retail establishment. Beacons allow a level of connectivity that is unparalleled.

Voice Search

Siri. Alexa. Cortana. Voice search is not only the future of search, it’s the present, too.

Statement Based Marketing

What if somebody created a mountain of sugar in the middle of Times Square? Well, that’s exactly what KIND Bar did. To promote their new fruit chew, which includes only naturally occurring sugar from the fruits themselves, KIND did a little “out of the box” thinking. What better way to show the absurdity of sugar consumption amongst kids in the United States then creating a visually striking image. And building structures in public places isn’t only way to make a …

New Twitter Limit

Twitter. One of the original social networks and still one of the most used by daily user count. Why is it still so popular after all of these years? It’s the immediacy of the information traveling all over the website. The immediacy of what’s happening now. Now, one of the biggest updates in Twitter’s history has occurred. They have doubled the character count from 140 characters to 280 characters.

2018 Digital Marketing Projection

2018. A huge year in the digital marketing world. I’m really excited for it, and I hope you are too. I wanted to give a projection that offers some real insight into what I think is right around the corner. What I believe is coming, however, is not going to be found on most “2018 Projection” lists. I hope you enjoy.

Snap To Store

Snapchat. One of the newer mediums that has allowed advertisers a place to connect with customers, especially those under 35. One of the newer Snapchat features, Snap to Store, actually allows you to see the efficacy of your campaign by showing how many Snapchat users turned into customers at a specific location, like a storefront.

Is HTTPS A Strong Ranking Factor?

Is your website secure? What does it mean for your website’s ranking in search results? HTTPS is a buzzing term in the world of search engine marketing. Beyond the security benefits, having an HTTPS website gives your customers piece of mind that their information is safe and helps build the trust between the consumer and your brand online.

DMOZ Closes

One of the oldest directories, DMOZ, has closed. This is interesting because it shows you where the future of search engine optimization and search engine marketing is headed.

Co-Op Advertising

Are you leaving money on the table in an advertising campaign? A great work around to budgetary concerns is co-ap advertising. Co-op advertising is one of many ways that creativity and a broad scope view on a campaign can not only save you money, but make you a lot more in the long term.