It’s Not Print Versus Web

Print or digital? The answer is both. When you come up with an advertising strategy, try to think about who your customer is, and where they will be spending their time and attention. Going all in on print or digital could be a massive mistake and misallocation of resources. Rather, having a blend of the two types of advertising may be your best bet to have a successful campaign.

Path To Purchase

Empathy is the crucial variable to increasing sales and awareness. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and go through each and every touch point that a customer will go through when discovering your good or service.

Core Values

At Globe Runner, our core values shape every aspect of our company and our policies. It would be a good idea to seriously consider your company’s values, and perhaps placing them on a wall somewhere in the office. With these values in writing, it will open up the floor for discussion as to how your team can work collectively to honor these values and attain company goals.

Co-Promotion and Cross-Promotion

Working with companies that are not in your exact vertical is a great way to spread awareness and brand recognition. Partner up with companies that are hungry for more people to learn about their product, and create something truly spectacular that will be a real win-win for all companies involved.

Making Your Brand Feel Bigger

What do you do if you’re a start up or small company, but you have big ideas and aspirations? Naturally, you turn that ambition into a marketing vehicle. There are so many opportunities to make your brand feel, look, and sound bigger than it actually is while remaining open and honest with your customers.

Snap Maps

By now you’ve heard reports of social media consuming people’s time and promoting anti-social behaviors. Well, Snapchat wants to combat that notion with their one of their latest updates, Snap Maps. Snap Maps allow you to see where your friends are in the world, and see the correlating photos and videos they post of what they are doing. The user experience of turning this feature on and off is simple, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your location …