Where Should I Host my Website?

Building a house starts with a solid foundation. Building a website starts with a secure web hosting platform. Just like invisible cracks in your home’s structure could lead to eventual collapse, left unsupported by a host, your website could suffer the same fate. The truth is, sites can’t just look pretty.

Progressive Web Apps

What if you could take the functionality of an app and put it into a website? That’s what we call progressive web apps. It’s a new technology, a new way of writing code, that allows you to install information on somebody’s phone through your website and give you a lot of the functionality that an app has. Some of the pieces of functionality include my personal favorite, push notifications. Another one would be offline functionality. You’re literally installing an app …

Navigating the .WINE and .VIN New gTLD Domain Names

Since the beginning of the Internet, Americans have primarily used three main Top Level Domains (TLDs) for our websites: .COM, .NET, and .ORG. There are other TLDs that have been introduced that we’re all familiar with, such as .EDU and .GOV. It’s been fairly easy for us to register .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain names. You have to be associated with an educational institution or a government entity to secure a .EDU or a .GOV domain name. And then there’s …

Search Marketing Study: How New gTLDs are Beating .COM

Since May 2014, Globe Runner has been actively researching and studying the Search Engine Marketing (PPC) effects that the New gTLD domain name extensions are having on the industry. The results of our first initial deep dive into real-world data was released back in September 2014. We then provided an update 8 months later. Originally, the .COM beat out a new gTLD domain name when it came to quality traffic: but .COM traffic was more expensive. However, one year and …

Top 10 Geographic New gTLD Extensions

As part of Globe Runner’s efforts to watch the New gTLD extensions in regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and our SEO Power Rankings Index, we looked at the geographic extensions. We wanted to know which of the new domain extensions actually have live websites being developed on them. And of those developed websites, which new geographic extensions have the best websites on them. Here’s our list of the top 10 geographic New gTLD extensions.

Top 20 Best New gTLDs Based on Quality

As a part of Globe Runner’s New gTLD SEO Power Rankings Index, we gathered data from over 20,000 websites that have been actually built–or developed, on New gTLD domain names. From that list of over 20,000 websites, we have studied these websites’ qualities, and pulled a lot of other interested data. We were able to find the best New gTLDs based on quality.