.COM Versus New gTLD Domain Names: 8 Months Later

Back in September 2014, we released the results of a search engine marketing study that we did to find out which are better for online marketing: a .COM domain name or a New gTLD domain name. The results revealed a lot of interesting data, which really caused us to want to look into the use of keyword rich New gTLD domain names for landing pages, micro-sites, and for fully developed websites. Those results from our Google AdWords testing, which we …

Search Engine Marketing Study: .Com Vs. New gTLDs

Update February 2015: We have updated our research, and you can find the results here: .COM Vs. New gTLD Domain Names: 8 Months Later. Globe Runner did a search engine marketing study to find out which are better for marketing: .Com or a New gTLD Domain name. Since the beginning of the Internet, we’ve been mainly using three main Top Level Domains (TLDs) for our websites: .COM, .NET, and .ORG. We typically are used to seeing and using the top …

Cloud Networking with Cisco Meraki

I was on the lookout for a new network solution for my company. At first I looked at the latest routers with the latest hardware, wireless AC, beam-forming technology, and cloud networking seem to be the latest buzzwords in the industry, but what does all this mean and how can it help my company?

How to Avert Gmail Inbox Full Failure – The Ultimate Guide

We recently had an issue where one of our inboxes was nearly full. So we reached out and did some research to find the best method of reliably backing up a Gmail inbox and clearing it. We found that the best method is with getmail, a Linux utility that fetches mail through IMAP. It is very powerful and flexible, providing a lot of options. There are several different methods as well (outlined below).

Arriving at Drupalcon 2012 from Dallas

After 13 hours, we’ve finally arrived in beautiful Denver. We’ve trekked hundreds of miles from Dallas all the way to Denver. Along the way, we experienced some beautiful purple mountains, hilly terrain of amarillo and rocked out to John Denver.

cname / mx records for google apps setup

Often times we’re asked to provide Google Apps setup for some of our clients here in the Dallas area. After much googling, i’ve found it difficult frustrating to find what these values are quickly via google search. I thought i’d just post them here for people so that they’re short an terse without having to dig through google forums support (arg): cname records mail.example.com ghs.google.com docs.example.com ghs.google.com calendar.example.com ghs.google.com sites.example.comm ghs.google.com mx records priority value 1 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. 5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. 5 …