Closed Caption on YouTube is Indexed in Google Search

For a while now, I have been talking about using closed captioning in videos to increase your search presence. To do so on YouTube is very simple- all you need to do is type up a transcript of your video and upload it. YouTube will synchronize the video with the text. The wonderful about this this is it makes your video completely searchable.

I decided to do an experiment and prove the case in point. I picked one of the videos we created last month, and picked a sentence out of there that I knew was not in the description or the title, so there would be no way for this video to be found.

I put the sentence in and searched it on Google video, and found it as the top result.

closed caption indexed by Google

A great example of how you can improve your search engine rankings by being a better citizen on the web.

YouTube’s official page about Captions and Subtitles

Here is our original video on Micro Formats if you would like to take a look.