Creating Buzz with Social Media

Eric interviews Jeremy M. Meyer Globe Runner SEO’s Director of Social Media about creating buzz.using Facebook and other Social Media platforms.

Hi this is Eric with Globe Runner Search Engine Optimization and I’m excited today because I’m standing here with our director of social media. His name is Jeremy Meyer, and he joins us from Blockbuster, he was an executive there, he was also an executive at Gateway before that, but most recently he joins us from a start-up venture doing video rentals through vending machines. He was helping to start a new company and in that company he was really engaged in social media.

I want to ask you Jeremy, give me some insight into what you guys did with social media to launch this new company.

Jeremy: Well Eric, it was obviously a brand new venture so part of what’s important with a brand new venture is creating a buzz. That is something that social media is paramount in: creating buzz. One of the things we did was we went in every marketplace that we set machines down in, and keep in mind that these were DVD vending machines, that were on locations at gas stations, restaurants, you name it, those types of locations. So, it was really important to get people to understand that we were in market. It was really important that they understood where we were in market because obviously it’s a destination location, we needed to get them there, and it was also really important that they understood that we had new stuff all the time. So it was content, content, content.

So what we did was we set out with several vehicles, but I’ll tell you about Facebook in particular. We used Facebook to our advantage to create fan pages and on those pages we created a lot of information about the DVD vending machines, what they looked like so that people could identify them, locations they were in, and we did constant updates on what movies were available. So, you see that a lot through email, if you are a Redbox or another service like that, you send a lot of updates via email. Not only did we email, we used our Facebook presence to update on the newest movies and we obviously had to write some reviews of movies. Obviously I have my favorite movies and I’m sure you do too. So, we used that a lot to communicate with customers and to get feedback. Social media is great for feedback. If we put a new movie in the machine and we heard back from our customer base that either it wasn’t available or that the movie was terrible, that gave us things we could fix.

Eric: Put more inventory in the machine or take the movie out altogether.

Jeremy: Precisely. Add additional locations for instance so every time we put in a new machine we could easily and quickly tell our customers where that was and our customers could share what they loved about our service with their friends and families.
Eric: So did you have one Facebook page for all the machines that you worked with or did you segment it down into locations?
Jeremy: That’s another thing that’s great about these tools; I would actually segment it down. I would do it by city for instance. So if we went into Atlanta, or a suburb of Atlanta, we would make a page for that. If we did so in Charlotte, we would make a page for that. Columbus, Ohio, we would make a page for that.

Eric: Brilliant. Local interactions, people engaging, people finding their local vending machine. That makes a lot of sense.
Jeremy: Also, we took a lot advantage of the ad space on Facebook as well. It drove a lot of traffic to our page any time people were looking for videos, movies, a specific title coming out that week was really important. When the Hulk came out, we wanted people searching for The Hulk.

Eric: And that was the Facebook platform?

Jeremy: Absolutely.

Eric: Well great Jeremy! Thank you so much, I appreciate your time today! This was Eric with Globe Runner Search Engine Optimization, and Jeremy Meyer was joining me today. Thank you guys so much, I look forward to talking with you next time!