Dallas Advertising / Web Development Kickball League

We thought of a fun idea to start a kickball league. Kick ball is very egalitarian. It just requires good feet and kicking abilities! Thus, we figured it may become interesting if we started a league.

We’re looking for a few good companies that are willing to join us on our endeavor. This league will be comprised of SEO, web development or ad agencies companies from the Dallas Area. Our kickball league will require each company to contribute dues. These dues will then goto a charity (TBA).

By Flickr User: Egan Snow

By Flickr User: Egan Snow

Kickball Games will most likely be in the fall at night. We still have to decide when and where. More Details and Specifics to Come!


  • Must have a team of 9 to play.
  • Significant others can count as team members but not more than 50% of your team.
  • Must be a Dallas Area Company
  • Must be in SEO, Web Development, or Advertising Agency related company

If you’re interested in joining our league please send us an email about your company with your website at kickball_at_globerunnerseo_dot_com (sorry trying to avoid spam)!