Drupalcon Denver 2012 – Day II Retrospectives

Here are some nuggets of information from the second day:

  • The marriage between symfony and drupal 8 is very exciting. It allows drupal to be compatible and interopable with other symfony projects
  • View modes is the best practice before modifying the template file because that is the new drupal way
  • The risks of non PCI compliance are fatal to businesses. Risks include lawsuits, loss of reputation, etc. It is something in the commerce field that shouldn’t be ignored
  • Entities is the new future of drupal. Entities are used already largely in Drupal 7 with several modules: profile2, drupal commerce, etc
  • Changing your innodb pool size can quickly increase your performance
  • Make sure to utilize db query debugging in views it’ll allow you to quickly find slow query performance
  • the views mini pager is one of the largest bottle necks when it comes to views output.
  • entities allows drupal to have a unified crud controller.
  • entities enables drupal to be flexible and interopable with other databases as well.
  • each entity contains an id, crud controller and a property. The property contains meta data that ertains to the actual entity
  • in drupal 7, entity bundles were introduced. entity bundles are things like: vocabularies, content types. Comments and users are possibly going to be slowly migrated to an entity bundle