Eric Interviews Cory Webb, Joomla Developer

Eric: Hi, It’s Eric McGehearty with Globe Runner SEO, and I’m here today with Cory.
Cory owns Cory Webb Media, and he’s a Joomla specialist, and today I’m asking him to tell me about how Joomla works with social media platforms- you’ve got some cool tools you were just mentioning, tell me a little bit about that Cory.
Cory: absolutely, there’s a lot of tools available
for Joomla for interacting with all social networks, particularly there’s facebook connect plugins for Joomla so you can authenticate into your Joomla site with your Facebook credentials and so it’s bringing in users from Facebook and encouraging that sort of thing. There’s also a tool from a company called Joomla Shack, they have a program called Lifestream which basically you can input all your different social network streams, your blog feed, and it puts them all together into one stream of information.
Eric: And that’s actually on the site- on the sidebar of the site that streams all your information?
Cory: it can be on the side bar, it can be a single page with all that information- so it’s a great way to incorporate if you’ve got a twitter stream, Facebook updates and a blog, all these different things you can pull them into one feed, into one stream, so it’s really cool.
Eric: Fantastic. Well thanks Cory, those are great tips so if you’re working with Joomla, Cory’s a great guy to call and you might reach out to him and talk to him a little bit about how to maximize your social media presence on your website. one of the tips we always talk to our client about is tat if it’s not on your website it doesn’t exist and if youre going to build your social media presence, why not build it with the platform that you have, which is your website, and connect it. Make it easy for people to connect with it on facebook, make it easy for people to share through their social media platforms. So thanks for the tips, Cory! Good stuff.
Cory: Absolutely.