Facebook Connect the Power of Sharing

facebookEver wondered how to maximize the effectiveness of comments in your blog? You may know that having comments on your blog positively affects the ranking of your page in search engines, its shows interest and engagement, and will affect how well those pages are ranked by Google and the other search engines. How can we make more from our blog comments? How can we maximize the power and affect of those comments? One way to do so would be to integrate your site with Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect is an application that is produced by Facebook and it allows your blog comments to integrate directly with Facebook. What this means is that when a user comes to your site and they like the article they are reading, and they decide to leave a comment, they use their Facebook username and password to login and leave their comment rather than creating a separate ID on your account. This of course protects you from Spam but also will repost their blog comment, along with a link back to your blog, to their Facebook account letting all of their friends on Facebook know that they liked your blog and the article you wrote, thus exposing your brand to potentially hundreds of new readers. It requires a little bit of technical knowledge to implement but it is essentially cutting and pasting code from Facebook developer pages to the backend of your site. Once this is done, there will be a new blog post field that is run by Facebook Connect.

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