Facebook Live

Think about the power of live video. Think about the Super Bowl or New Year’s Eve. These are moments that are captured right then and, viewing them, you’re part of the experience. What if you could take that power and translate it into your business?

Think for a second. What in your business can you do, that’s a live experience, that could capture a moment that could attract people?

That’s what Facebook Live now gives you the opportunity to do. For very low cost, you can now communicate live. Frankly, it’s free on Facebook, but you would want to get people there and run some advertising.

You can now get people to experience a moment with you in a live environment, and Facebook Live really has a lot of potential to take off. People are viewing events on Facebook Live, and it already has a massive audience.

Other apps that have been in this space, Periscope being the leading example, have been eclipsed very quickly by Facebook’s move in this arena.

I never really pushed my clients to use Periscope, because it didn’t have the audience. It wasn’t worth the investment of putting together an event that you would film live. Facebook Live does.

Now, we have the opportunity with the right strategy, with a creative event, with the right live event that an audience wants to share in, we can very easily and affordably get live video into the web and in front of your viewers.

If you’d like help setting up an event or coming up with what your live strategy would be, reach out. We’d love to chat with you.