Globe Runner’s Christmas List

As Christmas approaches, the office has been buzzing with talk of what we want for Christmas.  Here is a small sample of what is on the Globe Runner team’s list this year!
Globe Runner Christmas List

Eric: More client testimonials like these

Katy: I want a mega millions jackpot winning lottery ticket :))

Brett: I want a PVS-14 with an L3 Omni VII aviator grade tube on a Team Wendy Bump helmet with a wilcox mount and a DBAL I2 for my MK18 Mod 1.

Ashley: A 3D printer.  To make anything and everything!  And a husky puppy!!

Alicia: A tour of the gardens of Champs-sur-Marne

Erin: I’d like for no one in my family to fall ill this year. And sleep, I’d like more sleep. More time to write would be nice. A date with Tom Hiddleston would be appreciated, too.

Brian: I’d like Fernando Alonso’s helmet. A 1/2 size replica will do.

Jenna: A lamp from Charter Furniture. And maybe the coffee table. And the white fluffy pillows… okay maybe just all of it. 🙂

Jeff: I’m hoping Santa will bring me tons of new customers in 2015.

Amy: Hoping Santa brings my extended family in from Canada safely…but if he can leave the winter weather up North that’d be great! 🙂

Claire: A kitchenaid mixer!

Chris: The Cowboys to win a playoff game!


We would love to hear what you’re hoping Santa will bring you this year, let us know in the comments below.