Google Instant: What does it mean for you?

Google announced Google Instant yesterday, an update that creates search-as-you-type functionality. CEO Eric McGehearty talks about how this update will change the way you search.

Hi, it’s Eric, Globerunner SEO, and WOW I’ve got big news today.
Just now, about an hour ago, Google announced “Instant Search,” which means instantly, as you’re typing in a search query, you’re going to get served-up results. Google is going to think about, on the fly, what you’re about to do. Instead of just suggesting words, it’ll suggest, and show you the page that you might be looking for. That way, you don’t even have to click “Enter” to get your search results.
Now what does this mean? This is a big day in searches. Also, a big day in SEO. This is going to change the game because Google’s going to be serving up millions more search results pages, even though they’re not the final page the person is looking for, which is going to radically increase the number of impressions that your website will have, if you’re on that page. And just maybe, a person might be tempted to click, even if it wasn’t originally what they were typing in.
So for instance, if I start typing in “camera” and I click the “r,” and I hit “space” before I even finish “camera,” it’s going to show me a search result page as if I had searched “cameras”. Next thing that’s going to happen is I hit “space” and I click “r,” because maybe I’m looking for “camera repair,” and suddenly, the camera repair page will be shown…as soon as I click that “r,” it will say “Hmm…maybe this guy’s looking for camera repair,” and then it is. I don’t even have to click “enter” – I can go down and click on the search result of the website that I’d like to visit.
Man, this is amazing. It’s going to change search radically, and it’ll change SEO. Stay on Globe runner SEO for updates to the minute, as we start looking at how this is going to change your online strategy, as Google adapts and changes. Check it out, really cool stuff.
This is Eric with Globerunner SEO, talk to you soon.