Google Maps AR

Are you a fan of Google Maps? A lot of us use it in our daily lives for road navigation and urban exploration purposes; younger people may not be able to imagine what life was like before we had it at our disposal. The app is also a great way to find reviews and recommendations for different establishments, helping us choose where we’d like to shop and eat. However, while it’s one thing to be able to utilize “the wisdom of the crowd” to discover new places, it’s another thing entirely to have suggestions that are tailor-made specifically for your unique tastes. Well, Google has set out to do just that!

In today’s video, we’ll talk about the brand new “personalized” Google Maps experience—specifically, how it works and what makes it so valuable to individual consumers. We’ll also discuss the effects that this kind of technology may have on small businesses. When more people can easily find the niche items and services that they desire, it makes for a much less homogenized consumer experience. This is one innovation to keep an eye on, as it has the potential to become viral on different platforms…and change the way that we, as a people, think about shopping.