Google Reveals Changes to Keyword Search

Even though Google has been working on a new keyword search tool for developing paid search campaigns since December, and it has been in beta testing phase since August, their updated keyword search tool finally came out over the weekend , and is available for widespread use.

Google combined their two previous programs – ‘Keyword Tool’ and ‘Search-Based Keyword Tool’ into one – and took the best features from each.

Some of the changes include:

  • Flexible search – now it’s easier to refine your terms and more options with search terms, like websites and categories.
  • Negative term search – now you can choose terms you don’t want your content associated with.
  • Changes in the way search is calculated – now Google Monthly and Local Monthly Searches only count search traffic, and not traffic from partners.

So what does this mean?

The biggest implication for search is that it will make pay-per-click campaigns more cost-efficient and better ensure relevant sponsored content for Google users. For example, with negative keywords, you can now keep your PPC ads out of irrelevant search results and increase the likelihood they’ll show up for users seeking your product or service. Also, since Google has changed the way it calculates monthly searches, the data becomes more streamlined and easier to use. If you haven’t integrated a paid search campaign to complement your SEO efforts, then now would be the best opportunity to try it out!