Search Results

When you think about search, you need to consider the multiple search opportunities available. No longer is search just one website and one position on one page. Today Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the major search engines provide numerous ways to be found in search results. I’d like to go over a few of those opportunities, and offer some suggestions that can help you make sure your website is found on those search engine pages.
Let’s use Google as an example. Google has Google Image Search, Product Search, and Video Search, and intermixes all of those searches on the primary search page.
Some examples:

Google uses the news feed generated by press releases and other major news media outlets, and intermixes the information from the feed on a search results page:

New Search Results

Here’s an example of Google intermixing videos on the search page.

(read our post about closed captioning to learn more about video.):
Video Search Results

Even images can be seen on the search page.

(A tip: Before uploading image files to your website, name them using keywords or search terms in order to get the best search results from images):
Image Results in Search

Do you sell things online? Time to think about product search:

Today social media results are being included. Below you will see Twitter included in a Google search result:

Twitter in search results

or blog results:

Blog Results

Your search may even be personalized by your social network and what your friends are saying. I lay out these examples and results just to keep you thinking. Search provides a lot of opportunities, but are you using them? Are you optimizing your website so that it’s found, not just in primary search, but in the previously mentioned search results? Take advantage of the many opportunities now offered by search engines.