Google Social Search

Last week, Google announced its new beta test of Google Social Search. This news comes on the heels of a recent announcement about a new Google partnership with Twitter, designed to include Twitter inside search results. In this test, Google is integrating Twitter and other social media networks into your personal search results. This is a just a beta test for now, but it provides insight into the new search landscape.

Google will now be using your “friend network” in Twitter, Facebook, Friend Finder, and other social media groups to influence your search results.  An additional set of search results will pop up, labeled with the friends who have posted or Re-tweeted about different subject matters. So, if you have a friend who writes a blog and they’ve written something about ABC Company, their blog or ABC Company will come up in a search, so that you can see the sites your friends are looking at and writing about.

From an SEO standpoint, this adds an additional layer to the way we influence search results for our clients. We’ll need to broaden our client’s social networks. If we in the SEO community have a very large social network, we can tap a client into our network and influence their search results. We can also help our clients develop large social networks, so that they are second-generation to a searcher’s results. Rather than simply building links into the site, it will be important to build links that have social connections.

We at Globe Runner SEO already employ a strategy that embraces social media and blog links. Particularly important is our emphasis on blog links. These links, which are highly connected with social media, will stay relevant as Google moves toward a social media influenced search pattern.