Groundswell Book Review

Eric, discusses the social media inspired book Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research. Impressed by the amount of factual content and case studies in this book, this is Eric’s favorite read of 2010. Containing case studies on Proctor & Gamble and Best Buy, Groundswell shows us just how important social media is to your business.

Eric McGehearty: Hi, it’s Eric here with Globe Runner SEO, and I want to do another book review. Today I want to review “Groundswell.” “Groundswell” is one of my favorite books that I read in 2010, and it should be on your must read list. If you’re a business owner and executive for a corporation, or if you’re in the social media or online marketing field, this is a must read. It’s really one of my favorites.
“Groundswell” was put together by Forrester’s Research Group, so it’s filled with facts, and that’s what I love about it. It’s facts and case studies about how social media and online marketing have been used in really powerful ways, and the differences between the businesses that use them successfully and the businesses that failed attempting to do so.
Great case studies. I’ll just name off a few that I really like: Proctor and Gamble’s You know, how did they use this website to get to an audience that’s very hard to reach, that doesn’t want to be marketed to? Great case study.
How did Best Buy use an internal social network to leverage the power the ideas of their own employees to build a better business? Great one. How did Dell and use forums to really save a lot of money in terms of customer support and have their own customers answer frequently asked questions?
The wonderful thing about all of those case studies I just mentioned is they go through all the facts and figures, they actually break down an ROI case for all these situations. I love the book.
So, can’t recommend this one enough. It’s “Groundswell.” It’s by Forrester’s Research group. Great read or listen to. Really recommend it. Thank you so much. This was Eric McGehearty with Globe Runner SEO. We’ll talk to you soon.