How to Create Great Content with Sheri Bell

Creating great content is some times challenging for businesses and as we all know content is king. Sheri Bell of give some great tips on the do’s and don’ts of content creation.

Eric McGehearty: Hi, this is Eric with Globe Runner SEO. I’m excited to be here with Sheri today. Sheri is a social media specialist, she is a content expert.
Sheri Bell: I love that. Could you say that again?
Eric: Content expert.
Sheri: Thank you.
Eric: That’s a good one, isn’t it?
Sheri: That is a good one.
Eric: Sheri and I met on LinkedIn, and we decided to go to lunch. She is new to town, and I thought I would just talk about the city a little bit. We had a nice time, came back here, and we wanted to shoot a video. I had a couple of questions for you that I thought would be interesting to our clients.
Sheri: All right.
Eric: One of the things that comes up very often is not every business is super exciting, but it’s still a good business. How do we make the content that they put out on the web on their blog, on your Facebook account, on their Twitter account, and even the text that they put into their website how do we make that interesting? How do we make a potential customer want to engage with that brand?
Sheri: OK. The interesting question, aside from just engagement, shall we go with the interesting first?
Eric: Yeah, sure. Interesting first.
Sheri: I have just got to tell you, people love numbers, so if you can do statistics or studies or links to other exciting articles that have something to do with their pain point. We talked about this earlier, your content really needs to address your prospect or potential reader’s pain point.
Eric: Right.
Sheri: It’s not about you, it’s about their pain. How can you make their life easier, better, faster, smarter? How can you make them sexier? How can you make their friends jealous? That is what they really come to you for. If you can meet that pain, they will come back to your blog again and again and again, even if you’re not the most exciting company in the world, if your content is engaging. Again, that can be just short tips, it can be a bulleted list if you think your content is not interesting, use bulleted lists. That’s the fastest and easiest way to go.
Eric: Bulleted list. OK, good. What percentage, do we think, should be about me, trying to promote and sell myself, versus…?
Sheri: What do you think? [laughs] Eric: We already know the answer to this one. I think you know where I’m going with this. …Versus about them?
Sheri: Yeah. You need to follow at least the 80 20 rule, if not the 90 10 rule. 90 percent or 80 percent about your readers’ needs, wants, desires, and 20 or 10 percent about what you give crap about.
Eric: Right.
Sheri: It’s not about promoting our product or service as much as it is free content. Today is all about free. We have to give so much away because everybody else is, but also to show people that we have expertise and knowledge and that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, it’s called “kicking the tires” today. People want the free stuff, they check us out, every time they read a blog post. You might think that all that time you are spending on blog posts is a complete waste of time. It’s not.
Can we just put in a tip here for video?
Eric: Yeah, absolutely.
Sheri: I was Eric how great his little video was earlier, and how he needs to do more informal videos. Every time, Eric, you and I do a video like this, people get to know us so much faster.
Eric: Absolutely.
Sheri: They get to see that we are not complete airheads and that we know what we are talking about, and that we are accessible and that we want to help our prospects with their pain points. Video. If you’re not a writer, just do what we are doing right here. Interview someone on your staff about a particular aspect of your products or service as it meets the pain point of your viewer.
Eric: I couldn’t agree more. I love video. It’s great to be able to reach out and touch somebody.
Sheri: [laughs] Eric: Sheri, this has been great.
Sheri: Isn’t there a company that has that commercial, “Reach out and touch somebody”?
Eric: Yeah. I may be in trouble.
Sheri: [laughs] Eric: I want you guys to visit Sheri’s website before you leave today.
Sheri: Thank you.
Eric: It’s informative. It will touch your pain points.
Sheri: [laughs] Eric: It’s Click on the link below that is in the description of this video. Really, it’s a good website. You guys need to check it out.
Sheri: Now I need to promote your website on my video.
Eric: Exactly.
Sheri: [laughs] That’s how it’s done with social media. Give and take, give and take. Then start getting customers and clients, and everybody is happy.
Eric: That’s right, that’s right. Thanks, Sheri. I appreciate it.
Sheri: You’re welcome. Thank you.
Eric: We look forward to talking to you guys soon. Come back again soon. We will have more great content for you…
Sheri: And videos.
Eric: …And videos that address your needs and, hopefully, answer some of your social media and search engine optimization marketing questions.