Huawei Bitcoin

Does the name “Huawei” mean anything to you? For many Americans, the answer is no, but Huawei is actually the third-largest manufacturer of cell phones in the world. The company is based in China (which helps explain their relative obscurity in the west), and interestingly enough, they offer their users a digital wallet that’s similar to Apple Pay. What makes the “Huawei Wallet” unique, though, is a newly unveiled feature to pay for goods and services with bitcoin.

In this video, we’ll discuss the possible effects of bitcoin moving into a more consumer-based market and rapidly growing its user base. Our best guess? The currency will probably stabilize, becoming less volatile and more dependable. For the first time, bitcoin may actually have a relatively consistent value from day-to-day.
Many folks are still on the fence about cryptocurrency; just as there are plenty of people who think that it’s the next big thing in online commerce, there are plenty of others who think that the whole thing is just a fad that’ll crash and burn sooner rather than later. It’ll be interesting, then, to see just how popular bitcoin becomes with Huawei users. We’re also eager to see if bitcoin actually becomes native to other devices in the near future—which could, in turn, increase its popularity among consumers even more.