Interview with Jerod Morris from Midwest Sports Fans at DFWSEM

CEO Eric Mcgehearty interviews Jerod Morris from Midwest Sports Fans, who explains how stumble upon can be an asset to drive visitors to your site.


Jerod Morris: The question you’re asked in accounting or in law, what are you going to write about? There’s something that everybody can write about. You can get real simple and just do a links post, or you can really get creative with how you provide value.

At the end of the day, that’s key. What’s going to provide value to the people who are coming to my website and to the people that I want to attract to my website. Sometimes it’s about thinking forward strategically, down the line. These are the kind of people I want to come to my website, or this is the person that I want to influence. How do I create content that’s going to get in front of that person?

I just, sometimes, have to… You do it once and it kind of misses. No one comes and no one retweets it. But if you keep doing that, you get better at creating content and you get a little bit better at figuring out what is going to have that impact with people. That’s really going to impact so many different things that you want to write.

Eric: Some of the techniques that you talked about… And let me introduce you real quick. Everybody, I want to introduce you guys. This is Jerod with, one of the most popular sports blogs on the web. A great guy. A lot of insights on how social media and content strategies can build traffic. One of the things you mentioned was StumbleUpon.

Jerod: Yes.

Eric: StumbleUpon, a neat little social network. I think a lot of us use it a little bit, but you talked about really making it into more than just a little bit of usage. How do you make that drive traffic for the website?

Jerod: Number one, I’ve spent time on it. I think that’s… The key with any social network like that is you have to spend time. I think sometimes people think, “I’m going to open up a Twitter account and start tweeting stuff, and it’s just going to blow up.” It doesn’t work like that.

Or, “I’m just going to get an account at StumbleUpon. I’ll start driving thousands of visitors.” It just doesn’t really work like that. You have to… On any social network, you have to put time in to curating your network, building a network of people that know you, that you know them, so that when you put something out there they’re going to be interested in it.

Because at the end of the day, everything is about sharing. I can put something out on StumbleUpon, and if it stinks, it’s not going to go anywhere. You can’t… What I love about StumbleUpon is you can’t really game it. There’s sites that people talk about gaming them, and you can’t really do that. There’s specific kinds of content that will work well, and you have to tailor that content to it.

At the end of the day, it comes back to the network. If you spent time there, and built a network of people that are going to receive the thing that you share and then be willing to share it out, that’s where things can really blossom.

Jerod: Is there any way on StumbleUpon to engage with people outside of sharing your link? Is there any conversations that happen outside of sharing your content with them?

Eric: You can email people. I typically… If I find someone that I like on there, that I like their content, I’ll just email them and say, “Hey, I’m following you. I like your content. Keep it up.” I do that just as an introduction and because it’s going to give them more of an impetus to come check out my profile and see what like. And if they like me, now we can do some two way sharing.

That’s the other place where conversations happen is when you share. So if I share something, or I see something that you share and I can comment on it if it’s interesting. So I look at it. Thumb it up. Thumb it down. If it’s interesting, I can comment on it. Sometimes you can get a little conversation going that way, too.

Eric: OK, great. Jared, thanks so much. I really appreciate it. You guys check out his website. This is Eric again, with Globe Runner NCO. We’re always excited to meet really great people here today at DFWSEM. We look forward to talking to you again next time.