Link Removal Request: Best Whois Domain Record Ever!

Yes, that’s right. I think the title of this post says it all. But let me explain. While working on some link removal requests for a client, I noticed what I would say is probably the: Best. Whois. Record. Ever.

Best Whois Record

If you look closely at who owns this domain name, you will notice that the site owner has changed the whois record’s email address to link-removal-request at his domain name dot com. Apparently this site owner is so tired of getting link removal requests from website owners (his websites are really REALLY low quality), that he thought it would be easier if he just went ahead and posted a separate email address for link removal requests.

But, there may be another reason why he is doing this: perhaps he is charging for a removal, and wants to make it really easy for people to find his email address. Whatever the case, it’s probably the best whois domain record I have ever seen.

Why do you think this guy changed his email address on the whois record for this domain name?

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