LinkedIn Groups

Have you been thinking about how to get more out of LinkedIn? Social Media Speaker J.R. Atkins, talks about how joining LinkedIn Groups can build creditability and establish your personal brand. Groups are probably the most powerful way to build your reputation in the largest professional networking group in the world. Here is an Overview on LinkedIn Groups

Man 1: Let’s do a couple more seconds on joining groups. I’ve not done that yet. I’ve joined a couple, I’ve looked kind of at askance, but you make a good argument about being a subject matter expert. I guess that could help reinforce your expertise, but tell us more about how it’s powerful.
Man 2: OK. For one thing, when I look at your profile, the groups that you’re in help paint a picture about who you are and what your area of interest is.
Man 1: OK.
Man 2: All right? For a moment let’s say that you’re a banker. We’ll pick on. . . Any bankers in here?
Man 1: Good, we can beat up on bankers.
Man 2: Is this thing being recorded?
Man 1: I’m sorry.
Man 2: If you were a banker you would be a part of some banking organizations. North Texas Bankers Association, Texas Bankers Association, U. S. Bankers Association, and that’s OK, because that shows you’re a professional, but you’re limiting yourself if that’s the only kind, because you’re only going to meet other bankers there. You might do business with other bankers, but you’re really going to do more business with non bankers. So, you’d be better off going to the Insurance Executive Professional Association and being one of the lead bankers there. And any time there’s a discussion that they have that touches on your field, you’re there commenting.
So, that’s a very important distinction because sometimes we’ll join the groups that are in our field of study but we may not think, “How can I go be the expert in one of these other groups?” So, I’m a member of DFW IT Professionals. Now, are IT developers and people related to social media? It could be, but that’s not their area of expertise. But, I’m building myself a brand as being a member of their group who they can come to about social media, and I got a speaking referral off it because an IT person came back and said, “You could probably help us.” And that’s what I’m trying to speak for.
Man 1: Good.
Man 2: Does that help you on groups?
Man 1: Yeah. So you’re talking about customer groups, prospect groups, as well as your subject matter expert [inaudible 02:22] .
Man 2: Is anyone familiar with the question and answering part of Linkedin where you could post questions, and then you, as the person who posted the question, of all the answers that come back, you get to pick the best one. If you’re the person doing the answering, and you keep getting chosen as the best answer giver, they reward you.You get known. You get a little asterisk by your name or something in Linkedin that says, “This person is known for giving the best answers.” That is a proven way in which people get business from Linkedin.