Measuring Video Success

Surprisingly, I want to talk about video, exactly what we’re doing right now.

Why is it so important?

Because it compels people. But how do we measure success? When is a video successful or not successful?

Is it the number of views that the video had? Is it the number of people that filled out a contact form after they saw the video? Well, let’s step back a sec and evaluate what type of video we have.

There’s some companies that will create a video for one viewing only. Now, maybe they are trying to close a multi-million-dollar deal and they need to create a high level explainer video for a sales pitch. It will be viewed one time, but that one time is critical.

So, a number of views isn’t really the right answer. Same if I have a very specific video for a niche audience. Maybe I would love it to have a couple thousand views from people that are interested in my product and service, but it doesn’t need millions of views.

Now, maybe I’m interested in just getting the brand out, getting people aware. And it’s going to be a different type of video. Maybe I want to do something viral, a word I don’t use very often. But something that is funny or ironic, get people’s attention or controversial. And that way we get a ton of people viewing it and we get some brand recognition and exposure at the same time.

That can be great if you have a really creative concept.

Another way to get a lot of views is to do a video that actually answers an important question that isn’t well answered on the web right now. So, if you could answer a question well, more in depth or more specifically than anybody else has, chances are you’ll get a lot of views.

Some of the videos that have the most views on YouTube might surprise you a little bit. Like ‘how to knit’ is actually a pretty highly viewed video.

If you’d like to learn more about video marketing, give us a call.